Birthdays & Anniversaries

♫Happy Birthday To You♫


1– Amy Smith
2– Claire Cupples
      Whitney Huneycutt
3–  Troy Forsyth
       Pam Poplin
5– Sherrill Austin
       Elliot Blake
       Becky Huneycutt
       Ruth McMahon
6– Hailey Hughes
7–  Anita Blair
       Amy Horne
        Tommy Wall
       Christy Wilson
9–  Heather Porter
10-Devin Bunn
      Linda Layton
12–  MacKenzie Horne
13–  Isabella Rinehart

15-Adrienne Edwards
         Mark Skidmore
16–  Steve Austin
17–  Jordan Hardman
18–  Marilyn Morton
          Pat Reid
19– Java Hardman
        Cathy Laske
         Kelly Rinehart
20– David Crump
         Dillon Oakes
        Billie Walker
22– Gerald Honeycutt
25–  Eli Blake
          Dale Ford
         Brittany Hatley
          Linda Morris
27–  Jordan Isenhour
28– Jack Crump
         Tammy Taylor 
31– Cindy Jones

5th-Dennis & Linda Layton

         Dean & Tonda Witmore

8th– Robert & Rowena Lisenby

Robert & Merry Alice Patterson

Ron & Geraldine Smith

18th Butch & Irene Huneycutt

23rd-Cecil & Tamy Curlee

25th Kyle & Mitzi Josey






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First United Methodist Church

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Phone:  704-474-4160

Parsonage : 704-459-0280




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Mission /Outreach


The SCCM Food Challenge 


Requested items for the January  SCCM Food Challenge are  canned vegetables such as green beans, corn, carrots, peas,Veg-all, and tomatoes


  Powdered or small bottles of laundry detergent are currently in great demand.   Other food items would also be gratefully accepted. We will deliver

all donations to the Norwood Food Pantry.    

Any nonperishable food items are always accepted.





Prayer Group   meets Tuesday at 10:00am in the church parlor. We gather to remember the needs of our church, our families, our community, and our world, and to thank God for all our blessings. “True, whole prayer is nothing but love.”—St. Augustine






 United Methodist Women meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Faithful Circle at 1:30pm and Sisters With A Purpose Circle at 6:30pm


United Methodist Men meeting 4th Sunday of each at 7:30am Next meeting will be August 25th.



 Fellowship Meal

3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:00pm. Donation of $6 per plate, please sign-up if you plan to attend.







 Sunday School for all ages 10:00am

Worship Services: Sundays at 8:45am & 11:00am

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