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Prayer Requests



WEEK OF  August 11th

 Unspoken Request

Protection from the storms.

Safe Travels

 Jimmy Colson

 Nellie & Harold Thompson

Pam Lisenby

Frank Lee

Myrtle Mabry

Jim Magarahan

Roy & Tina Chambers (Moving)

Phyllis Shue

Cole Russell

Buster Thompson

Carolyn Chisolm

Carolyn High

JR Pope

Al Barclay, Jr.


Megan McSwain Mayes

Those battling mental illness and addiction.

Art Smith

Vondell Curlee

Alicia Powe

Rhonda Howell

Kelly Plummer

Nick Colson






Family of

 Benton Payne

Kevin Helms

Gary Boyd

Shirley Williamson









 All of our blessings




 *Our Church, 
Community &  Country 
*Our Law Enforcement & EMS


*Al & Helen Barclay 
*Roy & Tina Chambers 
*Harold & Nellie Thompson 
*Mary Jean Mauldin &  Family
*Sue Lambert 
*Cathy Laske 

*Rachel Diggs
*Charlie Magarahan 
*Bruce Moore 

* Mario Lopez
*W.B. Millner III 
*Troy & Nancy Forsyth 
*Buster Thompson 
*Cheryl Helms 
*Terry Russell 
*Dub & Jane Crump 
*Shirley Adkins 
*Robin Knight 
*Paul & Opal Walters 

*Paula  Bailey                   

*Rodney Foreman

*Melisa Isenhour

*Gwen & Larry Atkins

*James Furr

*Renda Powell

*Jeannie Colson Mauldin

*Jack Smith

*Mitch Murphy

*Noah Honeycutt

*Tanner Gresham

*Ted Talbert

*Karen Efird & Girls

*Cheryl & Jeff Efird

*Roy Atkins

*Sawyer Morton

*Jimmy & Jeanne Langston

*Brinn Andrew

*Julie Swaringen Burris

*Joe Hinson

*Doug Plyler

*David Holcomb

*Randy Kimrey

*Max Laviere

*Ann Maner

*Lucille Maner

*Mildred Glidewell





























Contact Us

First United Methodist Church

208 Pee Dee Ave

Po Box 948

Norwood, NC 28128


Phone:  704-474-4160

Parsonage : 704-459-0280




Calendar of Events









Mission /Outreach


The SCCM Food Challenge 


The March request is for toiletries and household items such as shampoo,            conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes,  toothpaste, detergent, bar soap, toilet paper, and feminine hygiene items.  Also, any food items that you wish to donate would be greatly appreciated.

  Powdered or small bottles of laundry detergent are currently in great demand.   Other food items would also be gratefully accepted. We will deliver

all donations to the Norwood Food Pantry.    






Prayer Group   meets Tuesday at 10:00am in the church parlor. We gather to remember the needs of our church, our families, our community, and our world, and to thank God for all our blessings. “True, whole prayer is nothing but love.”—St. Augustine






 United Methodist Women meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Faithful Circle at 1:30pm and Sisters With A Purpose Circle at 6:30pm


United Methodist Men meeting 4th Sunday of each at 7:30am Next meeting will be March 22, 2020.










 Sunday School for all ages 10:00am

Worship Services: Sundays at 8:45am & 11:00am

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